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Legrand LCS³ flat patch panels to be equipped






The new patch panels have been designed and produced to optimise space, with up to 48 ports per unit, and make maintenance and future upgrades easier. They are available in both flat and angled versions. They have a quick system for pulling out the unit and an innovative cable guiding system for tidy and easy cable management.




New QUICK-FIX system


LCS³ patch casette

Cassette up to 12 connectors for patch panel

Compatible with all panels (Flat, angled, HD)

Innovative new quick-fixing solution: • Push and connect system • Automatic earth connection • In-rack cabling optimised • New accessory for patch cords with rotating system for angle adjustment and label holder


Angled patch panel solution from 24 to 48 ports per unit



48 port per unit


LCS³ angled panel
LCS³ 48 port unit panels

Patch panels with an angled design which allow the cable to run into each side of the rack, creating a correct cable radius of curvature. This avoids the need to manage the cables horizontally, and allows the patch cords to be carried directly in the vertical cavities.

Sliding cassettes: easier maintenance.

Fast push-button extraction. Innovative modular cassette system. Easy maintenance: Remove connectors without disconnecting the cords. Easy to mix with Legrand fibre optic solutions

LCS³ generalist brochure
LCS³ specialist brochure
LCS³ generalist brochure
LCS3 generalist brochure
LCS³ specialist brochure
LCS3 specialist brochure